For those who got high grade dyskaryosis results useful info that helped me.

I have worried myself sick but now I feel like I know exactly what’s going on so thought I’d share what I’ve found out.

I had a LONG convo with a lovely nurse about it all and ask her lots of questions and she answered every single one.

If you have been sent a high grade dyskaryosis result they suspect you have CIN 2 or 3.

They do the colposcopy. Remove the abnormal cells and then send results to check they have got it all.

If they have got it all you go for checks ups. If not you have to have another colposcopy to remove more.

Now for the scary bit which hopefully won’t happen is that it can lead to a hysterectomy if they need to remove a lot of cells.

The cells are caused by HPV which can lie dormant and if it keeps causing bad cells then you have to keep getting them removed or worse hysterectomy.

I hope this helps those of you who are in the same situation as me and who felt like they knew nothing.

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