For those waiting EUA ( just had mine, still in hospital)

I just wanted to offer support to all those waiting :slight_smile: I’m still sat at Exeter hospital waiting to be picked up but I have NO pain what so ever and don’t feel like iv had anything done :slight_smile:
So please if you are nervously waiting one soon I hope this will help reassure you that It honest is all ok. And good news It found no spread so next weeks radicle hystermetamy is going ahead.

Fab! :-) Well done! :-)
Congrats & thanks for sharing!
Be lucky :-)

im so glad it went well ...positive vibes your way!!!

my colposcopy went ok today too dull period pain but thats it waiting game for me.

and i will be thinking of you next week xx

The waiting game is the hardest part it really is. Now I'm past the staging bit and just waiting the op I feel a lot better about things but am scared to death of the op but its a different kind of worry if that makes sence 

Your in the exact same boat as me. same staging and booked in for a hysterectomy a few days after yours. I hope it all goes well for you xxxx