For Marion

Hi all hope you are well xxx

As you know It’s Marions memorial service this Saturday so I thought we’d better get started on our messages … still can’t believe this is happening !

Zoe I want to get a recycled paper, pretty, small sized, scrapbook to put the messages in, is there anywhere local ??? had a look about today to no avail :frowning:

Dee - I have a 8x8 scrapbook with page inserts. And I think I have some card stock of that size. It’s covered in sort of an old gold fabric - I’d be happy to donate it. Is very lovely. We could print out some of the Jo’s pictures as well. Does any one have pictures from that night in Kingston?

Do you want to come over and we can put it all together? Say Thursday or Friday? House is a bit chaotic at the moment but we could manage.

Z xx

Marion was a special lady, one of the first to contact me in my early hours of despair after finding out my sisters news.

She was always the voice of reason and also had a great sense of humour.

She was our resident unoffical photographer. My only regret is I never got to meet her in person. I was hoping to do so this year in Twickers. But I know she’ll be smiling down on us all.

Marion may you enjoy your peace and rest assured you wil never be forgotten.



I met Marion in Leeds, and straight away we got on so well, I knew you were a special person as we continued to chat via e-mail and on Jos.

you were the only one who could take decent pictures.

I will miss you terribly i know you are watching over us all so…
Marion thanks for the little time i knew you, there will always be a place in my heart for you.

God bless you and rest in peace love kaz xxx :lol:

I met Marion on a few ocassions and she always managed to have a smile on her face no matter what she was going through.

Marion also managed to bring a smile - and more often a laugh - to those around her through her down to earth atttidue to life and quite wicked sense of humour.

Marion, you may be gone but you are certainly not forgotten.

Much love,

Bethany x :wink: x

The first time I met Marion was at the Twickenham meet in June 2006 and something I will never forget. Marion was so kind to me she knew without me saying anything that it was a difficult time for me it was coming up to the first anniversaries of Chaela’s birthday, wedding anniversary and losing her fight to live, she was kindness itself. As for the photographs she has taken what wonderful memories we will all have thanks to Marion, Lord snowdon in disguise she was.

Marion may you rest in peace and be doing all the things you so liked to do, Enjoy the guiness for me just like the one I had for you in Dublin. Have fun with the dogs and watch over us to make sure we are behaving ourselves.

Night Night my friend and sleep tight
Anne xx

Marion was a very special lady…she always had some good advice wrapped up in lots of kindness…I had the fortune to meet Marion this year at Twickenham and what a fab day it was… a pleasure to have met such a couragous woman…God bless and may she rest in peace,

          Love Tracey xx

Marion will be remembered by me for so many things. She was full of kindness and compassion and always knew what to say and when to say it. Marion never complained even though she was often in considerable pain.
I smile when I re-read some of the humorous emails we exchanged over the last couple of years, many relating to several of my “Annyisms” such as inadvertently posting PMs to myself instead of her and bidding against myself at the Twickenham Auction.
Marion was a fantastic lady and I am proud to have known her.
Goodbye Marion, till we meet again.

You were so wise and so funny. So serious yet fun.
I only knew you a short while but you made a mark on my life.
I admire you so much for your bravery but wish you had told me more.

I am very proud to have met you those few times and will always be your friend xxx

God has gained a very cool lady.
He is very lucky.

Zoe thanks for the lovely offer but I am soooo busy this week, no can do sorry x
I have the details now if anyone needs them just give me a shout.

Reading the things you have written has had me in tears tonight , the reality is certainly hitting home now.

Lots of love xxx

Bless you Dee you too are a special lady who has loads to give we are here for you,

  With much love Tracey xx

Don’t worry Dee - will see you next week anyway!! xx

Marion was to me what Jo’s Trust is all about. She welcomed everyone in with open arms and offering virtual tea and sympathy without judgement. Everyone became a friend and shared her kindness and good humour.

I’m so glad that some of us were able to meet in Kingston. It was a bittersweet night - we were all suffering the loss of good friends from Jo’s but were able to celebrate that they were at peace. It was a much needed evening. We didn’t know at the time it would be goodbye to another friend too.

Marion you were a star in life and your memory will continue to shine.

With love

Zoë xxx

I’m sad to say that with the help of London Underground I arrived at Liverpool Street Station where Caroline was waiting on the train for me by what I thought was the skin of my teeth, I ran through the concorse onto the platform only for the train to be pulling out in front of me, Caroline I am so sorry for the phone call that followed, it would be safe to say I lost it slightly :frowning: The looks I got :roll:

The service was lovely and emotional, I will leave it to Caroline to tell you about it x

What I can say is that Caroline, bless you xxx, let Marion’s Mum and brother know about our book of memories and that I would send it on to them, they are very moved and touched by this and would like to say thank you x
Sooooooo :wink: I would like to do it again before I send it off and make it better x so if there is anything anybody would like me to add , poetry, Marion wrote poetry some of it was read out on Saturday, photo’s, a peticular memory absolutely anything then let me know or if you are going to the lets meet on Friday bring it along and I will put it together x

Hi Dee

Both Marion’s Mum and her Brother (Also a few of her cousins whom I spoke to )were very moved by this. Such a lovely idea.

I will think of something to bring on Friday and give to you.

I didnt know this but Marion was a poet(so many talents) so Im sure they would love some poetry.

The Memorial service was very moving and private (and Dee I cried too!).

see you Friday



I am sorry i have not added to this post, the loss of Marion has been so hard to come to terms with,

Marion will always have a very special place in my heart, she offered me some very kind words when I was in a very dark place at the beginning of the year and it was fabulous to meet her in ‘real life’ in brighton earlier this year…

I will miss you my friend, god bless

mellissa x