For anyone who is scared

I am 24 years old (25 in July) and had my first ever smear test on 26th February 2015. exactly 2 weeks later on 11th March 2015 i received my letter in the post to say i had high grade dyskaryosis and I would need to ring and book a colposcopy. I was immediately very anxious and scared. The letter you relieve and The leaflets just shouted cancer at me. I kept thinking im only 24 I can't have this!! I phoned to book an appointment and got one for 2 days later on the 13th. this made me even more anxious as I thought they had given me a quick appointment because of how severe my cells looked. The receptionist told me who my consultant would be, I googled him and found out he was the consultant gynaecology oncologist. As you can imagine i was a wreck by this point. on the morning of my colposcopy I was a nervous wreck, I felt sick I couldn't eat and kept thinking all these thoughts about cervical cancer. I did come on to this website and peoples stories made me feel better for a short while, that is why I wanted to share my story. I had a consultant, a nurse and a health care assistant in the room (and I brought my mum with me!) all members of staff immediately made me feel at ease, they were so lovely and no one at any point mentioned cancer, they explained what would happen and where. once I was in position the consultant carried out the first part which was just like a smear test, I didn't have any pain, he sprayed what he needed too and said he could see a patch. I was very nervous and he continuously asked me how I was feeling, the nurses kept distracting me with conversation as well. The consultant wanted to perform a lletz to get rid of the area there and then and by this point I hadn't any pain and felt like I wanted it all done and dusted, the lead up was the worst thing! he injected me with some local anaestetic which only felt like a tiny little scratch. i saw what he took off my cervix and it looked quite big i was surprised I felt nothing. He said results would be back in 2-3 weeks and he would write to me. when I asked him if he thought I had cancer He seemed completely shocked I was under this impression! He said it looked like something that could turn in to cancer in 10+ years. I left feeling like I had totured myself for 2 days for nothing (i

have anxiety and panic attacks any way). For any one scared please don't be  I had heard so many horror stories. No one ever shares the not so bad ones. I have an anxious wait at the moment for the results but I am trusting the consultant when he says he doesn't think it's anything serious. Im now 4/5 hours post lletz and haven't had any bleeding yet just a few period like cramps that come and go. 

Thank you so so much for sharing this.

I received my smear result yesterday "high grade abnormalities" and have been in a state since. I got my letter today to say my colposcopy is booked for 31st March.

I had pretty much convinced myself I have CC lol, like you said you only see the bad stories.

Thank you for calming me down x