For a Friend

 - Hello.

My dear friend (50 yrs old) has all the symptoms.  She has lower back pain.  She has heavy bleeding (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) and has for about a year - far from normal for her.  She has post coital bleeding after sex, every time.  She has fatigue. 

She things its menopause.  She went to the doctor and was sent for a sonogram but she never went.

This month her cycle is normal and her post coital bleeding has stopped.

I'm still worried about her and want to know if this has ever happened to anyone on this forum?  Did your symptoms ever go on pause for a month?


I feel for each of you and what you're going through.  May you all be blessed in 2018. 

 this is going on with my wife at the moment but my wife went for her songram and they found and anomalies it's probably non cancerous endometrial polyps but there going to do a biopsy to make sure we are wating for a phone call to make appointment. your friend needs to urgently get help to make sure there not cancerus also from what i have read once there removed they do not come back so she is suffering needlessly

Similar happened to me. Thought my symptoms were menopause related, went to the doctor and he thought so too. I got referred for a colposcopy where they spotted a small abnormal mass which turned out to be adenocarcinoma. I was staged at 1b and had a radical hysterectomy. It's not worth taking chances, in most cases it will be nothing, but is it worth risking! I so nearly did x