Follow up

Hi ladies, 

this site has been a god send to me over the last year nearly. My first smear came back borderline with hpv, so had all the appointments and lletz and had clear margins with cin 1+2. 

Go for my follow up smear a few weeks ago and get my results the other day which I was terrified in receiving. It says borderline changes only with no hpv detected. This is a good thing right? But why is the smear still abnormal? And I'm to be seen in 3 years time? I can't go to the doctors for a check up or anything unless I go private?? So has anyone had this result and what does it mean for me really? Suffered many months of anxiety and panic attacks which is now calmed down very much but just worried of this result. Please help and thank u all xxxx

Hi hun, sorry you're feeling anxious! 

A borderline result with HPV is one that always needs to be investigated further (due to the HPV changes only!) I had a borderline plus HPV smear which led to me being treated for CIN 3 in the end - A borderline result without HPV is okay because chances are it will go back to normal by itself, it could be something like a little inflammation on the cervix. Borderline minus HPV means that the cells aren't quite normal but they're not classed as abnormal either. By the time you go for your next smear it will have most probably gone by itself - it's certainly nothing to worry about. Xxx