Follow up smear

I had LLETZ  for cin2 2 years ago. First colposcopy showed viral changes then I had 2 normal smears following that. I've got my first annual follow up smear in 2 weeks and its taking over my life. I'm terrified. Before my last smear I began bleeding after sex. Not loads but enough to scare me. Then I had a normal smear and doc said it was prob my cervix not healing post LLETZ. I rarely have sex anymore as I'm frightened of bleeding. I got my reminder the other day and it said they will do a hpv test as well :( I'm just not coping I keep thinking that in lea than 3 weeks my whole world could be turned upside down :(

Hi Staceylou

I'm sorry you're going thorough all this anxiety with your annual smear looming. It's great you've had two normal smears since your treatment, so there's every chance you'll have have another normal result. It's the uncertainty though isn't it that's so hard, and of course the waiting. 

They're starting to do HPV testing everywhere now so that's routine, but it's yet another worry. It's very difficult and stressful when an appointment is looming, I'm totally with you on that. Are there things you can do to try and distract yourself between now and the appointment? Do you work or have supportive friends/family/partner? It's obviously going to be at the back of your mind, but worrying can make things even worse, and it's good if you can find ways of getting through each day. (I'm speaking from experience. You may not remember me, we excanged a few messages a couple of years ago as both had LLETZ in 2011. But in my case I've never yet had a normal result since that treatment so I've had to find ways of coping or would have gone insane.)

One thing that helps me is that when my thoughts go off on an anxiety 'what if' trip, I try to cut them off and remind myself I can't know what's going to happen, I just have to deal with the here and now. Easier said than done sometimes, but it's important to find a way of getting through.

Hope that you're ok, take care of yourself x

Thank you for getting back to me. Yes I remember you.  im sorry you haven't had a normal result. Must be so difficult. I feel bad for having such a wobble. :( anyway my smear is in the morning. I feel sick as a dog now :( absolutely dreading it. Keep thinking the nurse is gonna see something. :( xxx

Hi Staceylou,

Please don't ever feel bad for having a wobble, it's totally normal and undertsandable and better to share worries than keep things inside. Of course you're going to be anxious, and I'm sure that will continue while you're waiitng for the result, so do share your worries if it helps.

Good luck with your smear today, let us know how you get on. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Take care and be kind to yourself x

Hi. Well I had my smear test. Was ok despite having a panic attack. Anyway the nurse was really nice and she had a good look around and said it all looked heAlthY. No blood on the sample or anything. Anyway she said there was a 4 week wait to which I cried. I've never had to wait longer than 2 weeks before. Anyway she phoned lab and explained about me being a complete utter wreck and they're gonna try get it done this week which is good. Fingers crossed!!! Xxx

Still no news :(


Just thought I'd let you know both my smear and HPV test came back normal. Been discharged back to 3 year smears. Xxx

Hi Staceylou

That's great news about your smear result, I'm pleased for you. Must be such a relief. Hopefully you can now put it all behind you.

All the best x