Follow up smear saga

I'm so fed up. Last May I had a smear test, and it came back with glandular cell abnormalities. I was referred to the hospital and had a LLETZ treatment in July. This came back with an unclear margin, and so I had a second LLETZ in August. This was totally clear. 

I was told I would need a follow up smear in six months, and then another colposcopy six months after THAT before I could be discharged. Because the NHS is not sufficiently joined up to allow the smears to happen at my GP, I trekked back out to the hospital in February for the first smear. The results came back as an inadequate sample, and I was called for a repeat. 

I've just been back to the hospital for the repeat. It was hideous - the nurse really struggled to get the speculum in place and to get a good view of cervix. She said that honestly she thinks it will be another inadequate sample, and I will then be referred for a colposcopy. 

I'm so fed up. It's been such a stressful year. I don't have children yet, and I am waiting for the all clear before I TTC. I'm desperately worried about a recurrence of the abnormalities (which seems to be more likely with the glandular type) as I won't be able to have another LLETZ apparently. Not to mention the worry that I may well have an incompetent cervix now if I DO get pregnant. 

I'm just moaning really. It all seems endless and I'm fed up of being poked and prodded!