Follow up smear results

Hi all,

I have just received my results from my follow up smear after the colposcopy 6 months ago - they have sent me the exact same letter out as last time inviting me to go for a colposcopy.

When I went for the smear the dr said if I get the same results as last time I just have to go back in a year.

Has anyone else had this? It is like they haven’t registered this was a follow up smear and sent me out a first letter rather than a follow up one?

Any advice would be great - panicking a little again.

Hi. I just had a very similar phone call with my doctor literally about 20 minutes ago. So here is my story. Last yr, 2021 I had an abnormal smear in like April, went for the colposcopy then leep. My result was CIN 1 and 2 at that time on the smear and confirmed by the colposcopy. Leep was done I think around June or so since there was some CIN 2.

So I needed to come back in January 2022 for a repeat smear, 6 month check. That showed mild and so on to a colposcopy which confirmed the same, no treatment at that time. Now in July I had another smear which is showing abnormal, mild again. So he said we can repeat the colposcopy now or redo a smear in 6 months. I think for peace of mind I will do the colposcopy now and see if we show mild again. In the mean time I will be tanking up on vitamins, A LOT of them…
To much drama, this thing needs to go dormant.