Follow up smear question

Hello I have just recieved the results from my 6 month follow up smear after having a loop done in march for cin3. I am very happy as results have come back normal with no evidence of hpv virus. I have been really worried waiting for these results and am just so relieved, however the letter stated I do not need to have amother smear now untill 2016? I thought if you have had any abnormal cells and espically treatment they  would follow you up regularly for ten years with smears every 6 months? Anybody heard of this?




First of all, congratulations on having a normal smear after your treatment, that's great news. 

Secondly, although they used to follow up with annual smears for 10 years after treatment, things have changed with follow up after treatment since they introduced HPV testing. It's called 'test of cure' and there's more info on the NHS cervical screening website if you google it. Now, if after treatment a woman has a normal smear at 6 months and doesn't test positive for HPV at that smear, she is returned to normal 3 yearly screening. It's based on trials they've done.

The good news is most woman don't have any further problems after LLETZ. But I totally understand the anxiety around waiting 3 years for a smear when you've had an abnormality. You could chat to your GP if you're very anxious to ask if they'll screen you after a year? If they don't agree then you have option of paying privately for a smear if you don't want to wait 3 years. But maybe chat to the GP first and see what happens?

I hope that this helps and I wish you all the best.