Follow Up Smear - Inadequate Sample. So upset.

I had my six month follow up smear five weeks ago, after two rounds of LLETZ treatment for CGIN. At the appointment, both a nurse and a colposcopist had a good old poke around in there. I've finally received the results letter (it was dated a week ago, so presumably they sent it by pigeon post) only for it to say that there weren't any cells rom the endocervical canal and I need to go back to the clinic for a repeat smear. The appointment is for 21 April, so another five weeks away. I will then presumably have to wait a further five weeks for the results, again. I'm so upset - I was hoping for this horrible time to be coming to an end, and this just prolongs it.

I was hoping to start trying to conceive my first baby, as the consultant advised me to crack on with that once I'd got a clear smear. This just puts it off for even longer, and I'm so terrified that it won't be a clear result when it comes, as my treatment options are now limited after two LLETZ. - the last time the consultant said they wouldn't be able to do another one.

Sorry - I don't have a question or anything: just wanted to vent a bit!

Hi CinderToffee

I can totally emphasise, that must be incredibly frustrating.  I have my 6 month follow up smear on Tuesday after also having two LLETZ treatments for CGIN last year and like you I'll be anxious to find out the results as if they are not clear then the same as you, I'm not sure another LLETZ would be an option for me with the amount they have already removed.  If I had to wait even longer for these results then I would be furious too as it is yet more waiting which we've already had enough of!  Have you spoken to the clinic to see if there is any chance of getting an appointment any sooner, can you go on a cancellation list?  Seems ridiculous that they are making you wait so long! x