Follow up smear in pregnancy

I am probably just being incredibly dramatic and hormonal so please bare with me/forgive me ladies but have gotten myself in a little bit of a state. I had an abnormal 1st smear in June last year, was mild but positive for hpv so was referred for colpo. At the colpo athe doc/nurse (I'm not sure who does them I was busy staring at the george clooney picture she had kindly stuck to the ceiling) wasn't concerned, a biopsy wasn't taken and she said it was a very small area of mild changes. She did however take some swabs. She said if I didn't hear back from her to book in for a smear in a years time. I never heard back.


I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and I did explain all this to my midwife and my gp when I popped in last week and both said would be fine to leave for a post natal smear. 

I had a letter through this morning inviting me to my repeat so i called our practice nurse to explain so that it didn't look like I just hadn't bothered and she told me to get the appointment booked, i was perfectly safe to have it done after 12 weeks (which I will be when due it) and she will get me in and sorted but not to worry.

I mean I'm guessing if its safe i should just go ahead and get it done? which has got me in an almighty state that its gotten worse over the last 12 months and the news will be horrific and there'll be a risk to my baby etc... (hormones i'm tellin ya!) 

And part of me is thinking maybe I should just put it to the back of my mind and do post natal like mw said? 

Oh ladies have any of you been in this little predicament? am I just being a drama queen and need just get a grip.