Follow up smear clear but HPV positive

Hi all,

I have been looking on this site for a while now and would like to know how many ladies have had a smiliar experience to me.

I had LLETZ in June and reciently had my follow up smear, i recieved the results yesterday saying NORMAL smear (great news) but i tested positive for HPV. I have been refered for a coloscopy again.

I know that the LLETZ is meant to boost your immune system into kicking the virus, i have read that they will most likely have a look and say come back in 6 months.

Has anyone had any experience on this? I was waiting for a clear smear before coming off the pill and trying for a baby, im now not sure wether to wait longer?

I have been taking folic acid/vitamin c and drinking green tea since may after my abnormal smear so i am feeling a bit gutted i still have the virus.