Follow up smear after lletz

Hi all, I'm new to the site but have been using it quite often before signing up, it's great. Anyway...

I had my first smear in March 15 and came back abmormal, colposcopy and biopsy taken which confirmed CIN3. I had the lletz in April 15 and had an infection afterwards which slowed healing time down by a few weeks, but no problems since. I have just had my follow up smear today and have started bleeding, I was due on any time though but periods very irregular So wasn't sure. after lletz is it usual to bleed after the follow up smear? On the first smear I didn't bleed at all. I am worried it might not have healed fully since the lletz as its only been 5months and it didn't heal for a while After. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)




Was it a standard smear or a smear done as part of a colposcopy? I had a smear in a colposcopy 5 months after 2 large Lletz procedures and I did bleed a bit. Mind you the colposcopist did say he had been quite rough and thorough!?!?  This was partly because I pretty much don't have a cervix left after my LLETZs and I had stage 1a1 in my cervical canal so maybe he was sampling a tougher area. The bleeding was for a couple of days only and spotting really. That was back at start of July and have been fine since.  Hope u are ok xx 

Hey thanks for the reply. It was the standard 6 month check up smear test after my lletz in April. Was just unsure wether it Normally bleeds the first smear after the lletz. Me and my partner will be trying to concieve if I get the all clear from this smear result so am trying to track my periods before hand. Just seemed strange I started straight after the smear test. was unsure if they could set periods off or if it could've been anything else etc. Hope you're ok sounds like you have had a rough time :( x