Follow up smear after colposcopy


I am new tthe forum and just ant some advise as I am feeling a little on edge after my follow up smear today.  I am 25 and had my first semar a few days after my 25th birthday, the results came back abnormal and I was referred to the hospital for a colposcopy, they did a biopsy which was sent off and within a week I had my results confirming high dyskaryosis cin 3.  I had lletz for this and a couple of weeks later received a letter to confirm that all the affected area had been removed.  Today I went for my follow up smear and they did a smear, I noticed blood on the swab, they also used the solution to see any affected areas (at this point I looked at the screne and saw alot of white) the doctor said it looks fine and then took a picture.  I am worried as last time there was alot of white, today the doctor and nurses looked at eachother looking worried, they were lovely and reassured me and said I should get my results in the post.  I only feel anxious and worried as I saw the screen and when I had the biospy before she said it all looked okay and it wasnt.  I thought today was just a smear not them checking with the soluton and taking a picture.  Has anyone else had the same thing happen with them?  Thank you.

Hey hun. Scary time isn't it? I'm waiting for the results of my follow up smear so I know how you're feeling. I also bled at my smear - that's just never happened before :( Bled quite a bit at the first smear so I had to go back for another smear, at which I also bled, but less this time. I have no idea why that happened, but I do know I'm still HPV positive, so of course I am thinking the worst.

It sounds like you underwent a colposcopy. I had low grade CIN removed at my LLETZ so my follow up was a smear, I think when you have CIN3 removed, you automatically have a colposcopy at your follow up. They really should have told you that, I hate it when nothing is explained properly to you! 

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry. It's very, very unlikely to be anything bad, given you only had the treatment done six months ago. Sometimes a few of the abnormal cells do remain because they didn't get them all at the procedure. They may just choose to keep an eye on you or perform another lletz. I know it's not ideal but at least they are keeping a close eye on everything and they'll do their best to make sure they carry out the right treatment for you and your fertility. Often on here, ladies who have had lletz performed twice go on to be perfectly fine and have clear smears after.

Hope this helps. Stick with this site, there are so many of us who know what you are going through! xxx

Hi Charlotte, thank you for your reply & thank you for your advice.


I am going to try and keep myself busy and try not worry, i am going away in 3 weeks so hoping I get the results by then and can relax.


I remember looking on this forum before after I got my results from my first smear and wasnt sure if I was just being a bit dramatic about the situation (as all my friends and familt no me to be a bit of a drama queen) and thinking the worst but I can see from reading comments it really helps to reassure you.  Its hard speaking to your family or partner because there response is alawys im sure everything is fine but sometimes you just want to express how your feeling and this forum is good for that.

I also had HPV form my first visit but unsure if I still have, guess I will find out from results this time.

I hope your results all come back okay and thank you again for your advice I really appreciate it :) xx