Follow up smear after colposcopy.

Hi guys! 

Quick background on this, I'm 26, I had my first smear last year which came back with mild dyskaryosis and HPV positive, I was referred to colposcopy where biopsies were taken and was given the all clear to return in a year. 

Anyway, that year was up and I managed to get an appointment for same day and went for my smear today. Loads of questions I didn't ask last time which I tried to ask this time. I was trying to find out my chances of having another abnormal result and exactly how HPV influences it, if it would of cleared or if it would always be there? She sadly wasn't very helpful, gave me a piece of paper about cervical cancer and sent me on my way! This has confused me more and was wondering if anyone could put my mind at rest! 

Thank you all.


HPV can clear up on it's own and so can CIN, it's up to your immune system which you have to support with nutrition and exercise! I don't know exactly what the chances are that it may have cleared now but it would be worth doing further research into HPV and clearing it for yourself :)

I have found doctors don't offer much advice and will tell you to simply follow the screening procedure, you have to turn to the internet and peoples personal experiences tbh

Hope everything goes well :)