Follow-up scans

Hi ladies,

I’m just wondering how often you all have scans following chemo-rads. I had my 3-month MRI in March, which thankfully showed NED. I’m seeing my consultant on the 11th of July, but I have yet to hear about another scan! Do they tend to be every three months?

Thank you!

Hi I think 3 months is the norm. I had first post treatment scan after 2 months then the second 3 months later my third will be 5 month gap no idea why i just go with what the consultant says.

Thanks @AMF! I’ve contacted my nurse but no response yet. Guessing I should have one before I next see the consultant :woman_shrugging:

Yes i usually get the consultant appointment through first then the scan one comes through. Always told to make sure they are in the right order. No point in seeing consultant before scan!! So far its worked fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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I only had one-the 3 month post treatment mri. I was NED and had 3 month check ups which involved a cervix exam, feeling for lymphnodes etc. I was told there would be no further scans unless I had symptoms of recurrence. At 9 months out, something was seen on my cervix at my check up, so I was sent for scans at that point. I didn’t have symptoms, but it was residual cancer which was growing again. x

So sorry, Lilypingu. I wish there was a sad emoji responses as well as a ‘love’ one - I hope they have sorted this out for you now - sorry I haven’t researched to see from other posts. Just sending good thoughts your way.

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That’s interesting @Lilypingu! I find it quite strange that they do things differently depending on the hospital. Sorry to hear about your recurrence/residual cancer. Hope you’re doing well now :slightly_smiling_face: xx

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Thanks Jacks-this was back in 2019. Appreciate the good thoughts! x

Thanks @Tootsoph

I’m doing fine x

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