follow up query please help

Hi everyone

I had a private smear aged 21 which was normal.


Novembr 2014 aged 25 my first smear was moderatly abnormal. 

December 2014 had a colposcopy with a biopsy which came backCIN1

April 2015 repeat coloposcopy came back mild changes with hpv that nurse said she would be happy to let me return to normal 3 yearly screening IDid not feel comfortable withthis as slot can change in 3 years, sso I asked for one in a year and she agreed so I'm due to go back April 2016 but now I am seriously worrying :-(


Do I go back to theman. Ask for one sooner or will the year be ok?

Any mild changes and HPV can resort back to normal on their own without any treatment and have a very low risk of advancing further which is why they give you a normal recall. At the year mark you may find you will get a negative result as it has gone back to normal. You have nothing to worry about.




Thank you, wishing you well wit. Your journey