Follow up plan after surgery?

Hi all - could you please share your follow up plan after surgery?


I saw the professor who did my operation at 3 months after the main surgery, he just had a look, said that all is well, and sent to another doctor (who did the conization actually). That doctore prescribed a scan to do at 6 months after surgery + smear at the same time with my gynecologue. Than I see my professor at 10 months after surgery for not sure what, and at 14 months - back him again.


And my gynecologue didn't say anything as well.


I admit that I'm lost. When should I have my smear? Every what - 4 months? And what about scanner? When is MRI and when is PET?  And what if i get pregnant (i had trachelectomy) - what do I do?


As far as I understand I'll have to initiate all things, and not sure how it should happen ...


Thank you all in advance for sharing ...



Hi there

I had a check up at 3 months which was just a visual check and chat with my surgeon

At 6 months I had an MRI and smear.

At 9 months I will have another visual check and chat.

then scanned again and smear at 12 months.  So basically I am seen every 3 months and have smears and MRI every other appointment.  This will continue for 2 years.  Maybe call you CNS if you are unsure?

I'd be surprised if they do a PET scan as well but could be wrong.

In terms of pregnancy, they will not do smears or scans at all when pregnant.  I believe they wait until a few months after you give birth to do a smear. 

Hope that helps xxx