Follow up in just 2 weeks....

Hey everyone, 

this is the first time i have posted on here..  

I have always had smears every 3 years but on my last one in May the results were i had high grade dyskaryosis.  

I had a follow up appointment and i was examined again and swabs taken. 1 week later i was booked in for colopscopy and lletz.  I had this done on 09/07.  The surgeon came and spoke witg me before hand and explained the procedure and that i would have a follow up appointment with him in 6 months and that this would hopefully be the last time i see him.  However, when i came round after the GA the surgeon had informed my nurse that he had to see me again as soon as i return from my holuday in 2 weeks! I have my appointment through already!!

I am worried sick..... 

has anyone else had follow up appointments so soon? 

The waiting is the worst part. Could he possibly want to see you to give results? They could take 10 days. He may want to talk about the results, what they mean and follow up treatment if required. try enjoy your holiday, although it's hard when your worried. 

they may just need to do more of the same treatment - i am waiting for my results too, i am 4 weeks in.. try and relax xxx

It sounds like they just want to discuss the results with you. If you are concerned try ringing your gp. I rang the hospital who couldn't tell me anything but my gp was able to tell me my results over the phone so I felt more prepared for my appointment. I know the waiting is horrible. Keep smiling, enjoy your holiday and let us know how you get on. Xxx

Had my appointment - confirmed CIN3.  All removed during LLETZ procedure though :-)  He had to remove large area as it was severe hence the follow up appointment so soon as he was unsure of what the biopsy results would be.  If i want more children i will need my cervix stitching closed as not enough left to support later pregnancy, hopefully this will not be an issue as Im not planning anymore children.

Follow up in 6 months so will see how it goes then.

Big relief!

Thanks for all your comments and support - hope all works out for you