Follow up from biopsy

Hi all,

I had a colposcopy and biopsy just over 2 wks ago. Got a letter yesterday saying that an abnormality has been found and I need to go back for loop diathermy excision (is this lletz that I see mentioned on here?).

What I’m wondering is when I see on here people have been graded cin1 etc, if my letter doesn’t mention this then will I possibly have a cin level or would they not put that info in a letter?

Thanks, Louise.

Hi Louise, when i got my letter it was exactly the same as yours with no mention of the cin grading- i called them and they told me what it was over the phone!

i had the treatment last week and got my results back yesterday saying it was all gone- i had cin3 so was glad they had managed to get it all.

give them a call as they can give you more info over the phone and try not to worry too much about the lletz its perfectly bareable and fingers crossed they remove it all for you.


They didn’t grade me either - I’m in Scotland, I don’t think they put the grading in the letters here. Found out at my lletz! I agree - I’d call them to find out more, wish i had done that. At my colp, I had no idea what level of abnormality I had - almost fainted with relief when they told me it was mild!

The very best of luck with it all x x x

Hi, thanks for your replies. I called and mine is cin2, so relieved to know what it is. Many thanks x

I live in Scotland too and have had the exact same letter as you. Worried myself sick needlessly. Apparantly its a standard letter thats sent out but you can call your GP or practice nurse and she can tell you all about your results. Wish I had thought to do that, would have spared myself 2 weeks of anguish.