Follow up for 5th year

Hey ladies
First time here so a bit of background, im 32 and on Thursday i have another coloscopy appointment after finding CIN1 and borderline abnormal cells 5 years ago.
My second smear tear came back with the results above and ever since then, each year i have to have a follow up appointment which always has the same result and come back next year.
Ive read it takes about 2 years to go but nothing seems to be working and my the longer it goes on, the more my mental health is suffering to the point where im feeling really dizzy and being sick.
Has anyone else been this many times or is there anything i can do to treat it?
Sorry for the long post x

Hi Bambi, the body clearing HPV and abnormal cells seems to depend on the immune system. Being a non-smoker is important for a strong immune system, so if you smoke, get help to give up. Then eat healthily (improve gut biome), get good sleep, reduce stress/manage stress (we all have some), stop drinking alcohol or at least drink less and exercise. I know, it sounds easy but can be easier said than done. Lots of people on the forum take supplements. Search ‘toolbox’ in forum topics and see what other people have taken. There is no one solution that works for everyone, supplements are expensive and they can be of different quality so no guarantee that anything in particular will work. We do our best to improve our health and help our immune system to suppress the HPV and clear abnormal cells.

One thing that I asked my consultant to try because I wanted the HPV and abnormal cells out of my body asap, was TCA treatment. Research showed that it worked for some patients in the study. I haven’t been retested yet so don’t know if it’s worked for me (or, if the HPV has been suppressed, whether it was down to the TCA or supplements I’ve been taking) and I’ll post to the forum when I get my test results in a few months time. It might be worth considering. In the UK you’d have to go private for this, I don’t think it’s something that the NHS do, they have the ‘wait and see’ approach that you’ve experienced.
Here’s a link to the research paper: “short term efficacy of trichloroacetic acid in the treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia”:
Best of luck