follow up colposcopy

Hello ladies 


I had a colposcoy back in October and results cam back in the december telling me CIN3 and CGIN. I was due 6 montlhy colposcopy at the beginning of April but due to really irregular periods I had to cancel that and then another one since. 

I had posted a messagae back in March statting i was worried blah de blah. Was made to feel a lot calmer and am calm about it all now, however I am going to this appointment alone so I was wondering if I could have some advise on what questions to ask if any. 


Thanking you in advance.

Hi Charlotte

I've just had my Colposcopy review this morning. Glad your feeling much calmer about yours now.

Regarding questions to ask, I looked back on your previous post from March, and notice you said there was no mention of your margains being clear. I wonder if that's something you might want to ask the doctor when you are there, so they can put your mind at ease? Anything else you think of before you go for your review, make sure you write them down as I'm not sure what it is, but everything disappears from your head when you are there! I took a couple of mins to write some questions down in my phone this morning on the way. It definitely helps :)

I also notice from your previous post you were told you'd be sent back to the GP for a follow up smear, however your letter said you'd need another Colposcopy in April. Just to put your mind at rest, that happened to me. It's a positive thing though as at least the doctor can have a proper look. I'm sure the doctor will just want to check you out following the lletz you had. Following this, if no further treatment is required, you may then be discharged back to your GP. They wouldn't have given you a standard 6 month appointment if they were concerned following your lletz result.

I hope everything goes well for you, let us know how you get on.

Sarah xx


Thank you for your response sarah. 

I have not got the clear margins down on my questions so will add this to my list. 

I will post after my appointment. 

and good luck with the results of your biopsy.