follow up colp

Hey guys,
I had kinda hoped i wouldnt be here posting a topic again but alas, such is life. I had a borderline smear with HPV back in February this year. Had a colp at beginning of April where the consultant found a ‘tiny area of very mild changes’ but he cauterised the area because i wouldnt stop bleeding and said this would hopefully kick start my body into getting rid of the HPV. A biopsy confirmed his view, stating viral changes only. He advised a 6 month follow up colposcopy but told my i could just book in for a smear if i wanted to. Anyway, i was slightly delayed with my follow up and decided id be best to follow his advice and get another colp which i had today, 8 months later, with a different consultant… i kind of expected it to be fine but alas, yet again, the consultant saw a small area of very mild changes which he wanted to confirm were once again just viral changes. Anyways, im back to stressing again… was it too soon to do a follow up colposcopy? Or why has my body not gotten rid of the HPV yet… is it likely to be something worse now- if the original consultant missed something… ugh… the mind has gone off on its tangent again… anyone with similar experiences?

I have had a similiar situation.  I had high grade changes on my smear in March this year and had colposcopy and then a lletz under ga in April.  I had my follow up 6 month smear last week and my results came back with low grade changes this time but a high risk of HPV infection.  I am now awaiting an appointment for another colposcopy. Like you this has completely thrown me, I thought after everything in April this would all be ok!..........Did they do any treatment at your colposcopy this time round? x

Did you wait long for your smear result? A week? xxx

Lisa, i waited 7 weeks for my smear result back in feb/march and only got it that soon because i kept calling the clinic to get it... i didnt have a follow up smear tho- just went straight for another colp...