Follow up appt - CGIN

Hi all, 

I have my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks and am starting to get really anxious.

I was told I have/had CGIN but that the margins were clear enough to come back in July for a colp/smear (although not as clear as they would like).

My colp and biopsy wasnt great and caused me a lot of pain....which is making me worked up for the next one!

 What is the normal follow up procedure? Do they normally just perform a smear and then the usual wait for the results? Or do they use the solution to see what turns white again and possibly perform another biopy procedure there and then if needed?

 I know everyone is different but just wanted to know how others follow up appointments went.





Jusr had my follow up today, in my smear it suggested Cgin but was later changed to CIN3 in biopsy. First they discussed my results in more depth, then my consultant applied solutions to the areas and took 2 smears. Hope that eases you mind a little. 


C x