Follow Up Appointments

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I was just wondering if anybody in the U.K. could tell me how often they have check up appointments after cervical cancer.

I was diagnosed with stage 1b squamous last November, had two LLETZ operations and then lymph nodes removed and was told I'm clear in  February.

I had a follow up appointment in June and didn't receive any results from the hospital but when I had a GP appointment, the doctor informed me they had had the results (clear) and the results form said that I will not have another appointment for a year. I was expecting the follow ups to be more regular than this in the first couple of years since diagnosis so was just wondering if this is usual or not.

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I am 1b also with lvsi with no lymph involvement and i am having 3 monthly checkups .as far as my doc told me it will be 3 monthly checkups in the first 2 years and 6 monthly checkups in the following years.

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I was advised the same as ldyll x



I had 1b1 and had a trach and lymph removal no lymph involvement and I have check ups every 3 months which my gynae says will change to every 4 months. 

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Thank you all for replying. Your answers seem to match with what I've read online so I don't know why I would be having them less often. I don't know how I could have checks more regularly if the doctor says I only need them yearly. 

Has anybody paid for private smears or colposcopy appointments and if so, please can you let me know how much they usually cost?

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