Follow Up appointment

Morning ladies hope everyone is keeping well.

So I had my hysterectomy on 7th December for stage 1b adenocarcinoma. Consultant said everything went well and will get an appointment to come back after Lympnodes are examined.

So got my appointment this morning for 22nd Dec. Now I’m shitting myself. Was kind of hoping it would be after Christmas just incase it is bad news I could at least have been in laalaa land over Christmas.

I had a pet scan before I had my hysterectomy and it showed no spread. If my Lympnodes where involved would this not have shown on the petscan? Suppose I’m just looking for some hope to keep me positive for next week.



My Dr said after my trachelectomy that my lymph nodes looked good but I didn't get given any scans only a chest x ray before my cone biopsy. Hopefully if the scan looked good everything will be ok. It is so nerve wrecking waiting, I am glad got my results  randomly seen as I had to go back in re catheter as waiting is the worst! Were you staged 1B1? Hoping you get the same result as me! x

Hi Toughcookie

I am in exactly the same boat as you. I'm currently lying in my hospital bed. I had a radical hysterectomy on Monday. I decided to conserve my ovaries, but everything else was taken. I am also waiting for the pathologist to examine the lymph nodes to find out if I will need radiotherapy. I'm keeping everything crossed. I'm thinking I you and I really hope you get great news so you can enjoy Christmas and look forward to 2017.

tanzi xxx

Hi TC:

Glad to see that you have the hysterectomy in the rear view mirror and are now recuperating.  Well done you.

PET scans are good at picking up rogue cells that are getting ready to kick off and finding tumours not seen in other scans. I'm sure there is a tiny tiny chance that a tiny tiny cell was missed, but I imagine that the odds are pretty damn small. Clearly, nothing is as good as whipping out a few nodes and having a good look under a microscope, but it all sounds very encouraging to me. 

And yes, you do want to know before Christmas! You won't be in la la land if you don't know; you'll be worried.  At the back of your mind you'll be worried and it will hang over you. I know it's scary, but I really do think it's better to know asap.

Take care,

love t xx

Hi TC :-)

The run-up to test results is always nerve-wracking - so much better to have all that anxiety over and done with before Christmas.

Be lucky :-)

Good luck for today Tough Cookie - let us know how you got on. I have you in my thoughts x

Hi ladies,

Had my appointment today and from the 21 Lympnodes removes 1 has traces of cancer in it. So frustrating so I have been recommended chemo/rad. I suppose it's better to find out now than in a few months or weeks but I am devasted. 

Hi Tough Cookie


Thank you for letting us know. Sorry that it wasn't the news you and we were all hoping for. Sending virtual hugs!!

I am sure plenty of ladies on here can help you through the next steps. I hope that you can get treated asap and put this all behind you quickly xx



Hi Tough cookie The radio will kill it. Only one is good news but still a bummer. It's 8 weeks all up of planning and treatment. Feel free to be a wimp on here as you'll have your moments. Jayne

Hi TC :-)

So sorry to read this! I know exactly how it feels to be told you have to do the whole chemo-rads thing when you have just got past the hysterectomy hurdle. Just like you I was given this news just before New Year and it does, it really does put a downer on it. The best I can say is to have a really partyish Xmas and New Year. Nobody wants to be doing anything very exciting during the first three months of the New Year so if your treatment gets tucked in then you won't be missing out on anything too much fun. It's a good time of year for being self-indulgently floppy, tucked up indoors. And I promise you, the Cisplatin/radiotherapy combo is surprisingly doable, you are after all a Tough Cookie :-) You will kick this thing out of existence, just you watch!

Be lucky :-)

Hi toughcookie, sorry to hear about your rogue one. All the best with the treatment coming up, hope you managed a decent Xmas, 

Thanks ladies,

Have my appointment on Wednesday with my oncologist and hopefully get things started soon after. I just want to get things over and done with so can get back to my life again.  


Awww, sorry to hear about your 'Rogue One', too.  Like you and Tivoli, I had the radical hysterectomy (end of August).  My lymph nodes were clear but there was only a 2mm margin between my tumour (adenocarcinoma) and the edge of the sample so they decided to do 5 fractions of cisplatin chemo, 25 fractions of external radiotherapy and 5 of brachytherapy (internal) as 'adjuvant' or 'just in case' treatment.  i finished on 16th December (it took 6 weeks) and I have a follow-up MRI mid January.  As Tivoli said, it's do-able.  The worst for me was having hard-to-find, delicate veins and nausea.  They have loads of anti-sickness tablets, though, and the chemo staff were great with buckets of warm water and heated pillows to help find and soothe my veins!   As Tivoli and I found, the brachy is a lot easier if you've had the hysterectomy first!  Wishing you all the best and don't hesitate to ask to compare notes on treatment.  You can do this! X