Follow-up appointment - Not getting any results until 22nd Jan!

Hi guys,

Just had my eight week follow up appointment. Finished radio/chemo in September and Brachy at the start of October.

Firstly, my Dr wasn’t available so saw someone I’ve never met! Then he asked how I was before telling me my scan is in January and I’ll get my results 22nd January!

Doesn’t this seem bizarre to people? Everyone else I’ve spoken to had a scan and results after 8 weeks, yet mine is after 16 weeks! Just feeling disappointed.



I'm not quite at this stage yet but it does seem a long time to wait! Do you have a cancer nurse you can contact? Mine is from MacMillan and she has been brilliant at answering my questions and supporting me through any worries or concerns. Just a thought as I would be concerned too. Good luck I hope you have some positive news 



Hi hani 

i would definitely call your nurse or try your gp to see if they have your result. It would drive me mad waiting that long... Let us know how you get on...

Sorry I meant to put first see if you are able to get a scan cancelaction . Try your nurse or go..

Hi Hani :-)

I can understand that hospitals like to clear the decks at this time of year so that staff can have Christmas holidays like the rest of us, but considering that you had confirmation of spread to pelvic lymph nodes, I would expect them to treat you as a higher priority. You mention that this new doctor first asked how you were, how did you respond? Did you tell him you feel well? did you tell him you were anxious? Both of these could easily have had a part to play in how he scheduled your next appointment. If it's bothering you then push them, you don't want to be anxious over the whole Christmas period if you don't need to be.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Hani,  

I'm sorry to hear you have to wait for your results. The waiting this side of treatment is no easier than it was before (  at least that's how I've felt. I only had my MRI at week 12 and no results until Wednesday coming, making it week 14 post treatment.  

I hope you can get a cancellation for before Christmas.  Maybe a call to your cns saying explaining that you would think cope with the festive season until you have the results. 

Fingers crossed for you and best wishes xx

Don't hold me to this but I had my review where they ask how I am and examine me (hate that part!!) and I was told I would get dates for my scan n the post (standard procedure for my hospital) and I was told I would be seen again in 6 weeks BUT I do have advanced cc so this maybe different procedure??

my doctor wants to see if the treatment has done what it should as the next stage is well......

i would speak to your nurse and if you don't have one call the dougie Mac and they will help x