Follow up appointment in Jan

Just got my follow up appointment for Jan haven’t a clue what to expect as letter talking about test ? Confused


Follow up from Lletz? What did the letter say.

Sorry I'm not up to date with you story x


letter said it's a follow up appointment at hospital clinic but then said they may be test required which might delay me leaving the hospital? 

I had my smear in June 16

got my results at beginning of July 16 ( high grade server)

colposcopy Appointment on 11th July  lettz procedure, told cin 3 and cgin 

got results in August definitely cin 3 no cgin found but results  had to go to MDT meeting in which they decided to wait and see what follow up shows? 

hoping it's just a standard letter and I'll be in and out without problems? 



Suppose it might just be due to the 'discrepency' in you results - gcin and then no gcin... They might want to discuss more tests or how they will monitor you. I would think it's an overly worrying thing xx