Follow up appointment CGIN

I had my cervical screening early November and then received a hand delivered letter late November to attend the hospital the following day. I was told at that appointment that I had high grade cell changes inside the cervix and this is CGIN?

I had loop excision at that appointment and with having no real warning of the appointment or treatment I was unable to organise my work diary so ended up going straight back to work after treatment in a lot of pain!! Now almost 3 weeks after treatment I have received a letter from the hospital for an appointment early Jan to say the results have come back and the appointment is to discuss “a management plan”. What does this even mean?

My concern is not knowing what to expect now and what will happen at this appointment. The letter is so vague, no mention of results or MDT discussions like other people have mentioned on here. I really don’t want unexpected further treatment and then have to go back to work afterwards again.

Has anybody had this experience - what happened at the follow up appointment? Is it just a routine appointment?

I have no advice as basically in the same situation, i had two lletz procedures in the Spring summer, but after recent smear which has come back with high grade changes i am waiting for a decision in January about next steps. Anyway i feel for you with the uncertainty, fingers crossed it will be ok though :heart: