Flying/Working Out/Post treatment do's and don'ts.

Hello All,

I have CIN2, I'm going for treatment next week, how long to have to lay off running/working out in general?

Will I be able to fly two weeks later?

And do you have any other general post-treatment advice?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi there I'm not sure about flying but after my LLETZ I was told no strenuous exercise for 2 weeks. I had mine on Monday and to be honest wouldn't feel up to running or the gym at the moment, even though I'm not really in pain or anything I would feel uncomfortable with wearing a pad as would usually use tampons. Just see how you feel but your clinic will be able to advise you on an individual basis.

Best of luck with your treatment x


My consultant would not do the LLETZ as I was due to fly 10 days later. We just arranged it for when I got back. His reasoning was that if I was in a foreign country and had problems they might not know the best way to treat me. Check your travel insurance too if you are planning to go away.

I was still bleeding quite heavily after 2 weeks but other people have only minimal bleeding. My advice would be if that you are going on holiday, delay treatment. If you are just taking a domestic flight that should be fine.

As for post treatment advice, just listen to your body. You will want to take it easy for a bit and will probably become quite emotional at times. It took me 2-3 weeks to feel anything like normal again.

Take care and good luck with your treatment/results x

Good advice camaraz! I didn't think about that being in a foreign country and travel insurance etc!

Do you know what type of treatment you're having Sam? I'm not sure if they do cold coagulation or LLETZ for CIN2 - perhaps it depends on where you go. 


General treatment advice is to take the day off - I felt okay the day after and went in but on the afternoon of the procedure I had what I would describe as severe period type pains. Nothing unbearable but I basically wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep and not do much else lol.

Let us know how you get on x

I'm actually living in Spain at the moment, the flight is back to England for Christmas, 18 days the problem is whether it's safe.

So what do the doctors advise in the Uk?! I don't know how they do things here, but if I feel fine, go ahead and run?

I would feel confident flying back to the UK. You won't have any language barrier to deal with and you know you will get good medical care should you need it. I am pretty sure if you have had no complications by day 18 so you should be fine. I was told the first 14 days are when you are most at risk of a significant bleed, but that is only in an unlucky few. I would imagine infection is most likely early on as well.

Get your treatment done and have a great Christmas back in chilly old England Smile I am sure you will do just fine.

Hi can anyone help me out....


I had looping done on Tuesday the dr advised me not to fly horse ride heavy lifting swimming sex or exercise for 4 weeks can anyone please explain why I can' fly for a month 


Many thanks Kerrie