Flying after Colposcopy

Hi Can anyone advise me....


I am due to return for a 2nd coloscopy and the date is 24th Feb i was due to go on holiday 22nd..does anyone know if there are restrictions on flying afterwards..I dont know whther to postpone my holiday or just get used to the idea I have lost my flight money..I dont want to postpone this 2nd biopsy for the sake of a week in the


Hi there. I was surprised to learn at my colposcopy and LLETZ that we should not fly afterwards for four weeks. The doc said that this is because the higt pressure can cause damage to the healing of the wound. I was due to fly to Italy three and a bit weeks after, so have let my credit card take the damage and am taking the sleeper train instead. What was odd is that none of this was in the info I found online (and being a researcher, I have read reams of stuff!). My info sheet in fact even said you shouldn't go abroad, but the doc said it's the flight that is the problem. Can you get to where you're going any other way?

I flew to America 2 weeks after LLETZ with no problems :) hope you can still go away x

hi Rowan,


I am going to Fuerteventura so no not really..I didnt bother with travel insurance either so will just have to pay for a flight change or let it go.

I think i am doing the right thing though in not re scheduling my 2nd coloscopy..its not just a weeks delay i know it will be anothet month..I just wanted to besure that I heard right the first time...and lets be honest id probably be stressing ..thank you both for replying XX

I think you're right to put your health first, which is ultimately the most important thing. I told myself that as I paid the big fee for the train!

Hope it all goes well. 


Thank you ...not too worried about it now..that will come again I am sure xx