Fluid in pelvis

Hi ladies

Had a call from consultant today to say that CT scan has shown I have to much fluid in my pelvis. I had radical hysterectomy and lymphnode removal nearly 6 weeks ago.

She said it needs to be sorted before I start my chemo/ radiotherapy

Does anyone know how they drain it out as she said she didn't know as it would be my surgeon that would do it for me

Thanks xx



Hello Sarayay, I had a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal 4 weeks ago today.

I was readmitted to hospital 2 weeks post surgery as I was spiking a temperature and having an unpleasant discharge. During an ultrasound scan, fluid started pouring out of me... A ct scan confirmed that I had two pockets of fluid in my abdomen. One was drained - the drain was inserted under a local anaesthetic and removed the next day. It wasn't the nicest experience but had to be done. The procedure was carried out by a radiographer in the x-ray department using an ultrasound to guide him. 

The second pocket is too deep to be drained - it's just above my vagina and is currently draining through that... Again, not pleasant but I have to just wait and hope that it will stop soon.  I'll be having another ct scan in a few weeks to see what's happening.  They're pretty certain the fluid is lymph but can't seem to explain why it's happening.

One a positive note, the surgery removed all the cancer and I don't need any further treatment.

I've just seen that your post was made last week - I hope you know a bit more about your procedure now. Good luck xxx


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Hi Pamla

Fluid had mostly gone but had another infection so that was causing the pain.

Started chemo/ rads this week so 5 more to go 


How you doing? Xx


I am 6 WPO rad hyst.
I am currently experiencing extreme abdominal swelling which is hard and pressured. I suspect I have fluid build up.

Hi CCBlue,
Im 4 wpo and severe pressure, look pregnant, leaking vaginally plus on lying severe back pain which relieves when i sit up. A CT 2wks ago already showed excess fluid. What happened for you? Drain?