Fluid in cervical canal


I’m 51 and started having some concerns last September with lower left hand pain and unexplained bleeding. I have absence of a monthly bleed for some 25 years due to long term contraception. I also had cone biopsy for CIN3 in 2013. Normal smears ever since.

On HRT for 3 years.

The bleeding was diagnosed as ectroprian cervix following colonoscopy in Dec 23 and treated. Ultrasound also picked up very small ovarian cyst which they think explained the sharp intermittent pain I get. No rhyme or reason to when it happens.

Follow on ultrasound last Thursday. GP called yesterday to discuss results. I have been referred to consultant. GP didn’t offer an opinion on what possible cause was other than to say the fluid shouldn’t be there.

Any thoughts or anyone with similar experience and what it may be please?

Main results:
4mm of fluid in cervical cavity
Within lower third of endometrium there is 3mm of fluid with possible internal echoes