Fluid found at check up

Had my 3 month check up on Friday. They could only find one ovary on ultrasound and also saw area of fluid on same side as 'missing' ovary. Anyone had anything like this. Want me back in   6 weeks to look again. 

No one? Even more scared now. Have emailed my Macmillan nurse and asked for a quicker appointment. Preferably with a doctor this time!!


Sorry I can't help,but did'nt want you to feel ignored.I have fluid at the base of my spine,

they don't seem to be that concerned about it.Gave me Naproxen to clear it.

Alway's a worry when something is found.


Becky x

Thanks Becky. I also have a 'thing' at the base of my spine. 6 monthly mri's for that. It's so scary to be told 'in remission' then have other things found I've never been too worried about my health which got me in this mess in the first place but now I'm turning into a certified hypochondriac!! . May I ask how your reoccurrence was diagnosed? Did you have symptoms or was it picked up on a check up? /p>


No alway's happy to share incase  my situation helps anybody else.

I had symptoms,hip pain,back pain,tiredness.....Same as the first time....Told me

no chance of it been cancer again...Treated for endometriosis.The rest as they say

is history.

I know it's hard to move on,but I did after the first time.It's hard when you have

pain or don't feel well to think it could be anything else other than cancer,but those

feelings do get less and less as the months/years pass.

It took me a good year to get over my hysterectomy,so be kind to yourself

and give yourself time to process what you have been through emotionally

and physically.It's massive.


Becky x

Thanks Becky