Flu Vaccination?

I am currently writing a list of Things To Do ahead of my radical hysterectomy in a little over 3 weeks time. (I know, but it helps me feel like not everything is totally out of my control).

One thing that occurred to me was that catching flu would not be a great idea either before my surgery (and taking an infection into a hospital ward full of vulnerable patients) or afterwards (coughing and sneezing with an abdominal wound? No thanks). I’m thinking a flu jab would be a good idea.

I just looked at NHS Choices and it doesn’t look like we qualify for a free one unless we’ve had chemo. That said, I know that we can get our prescription costs associated with cancer reimbursed so maybe there’s something they can do. Has anything had any experience of this?

Anyway, I have to see my GP next week anyway so I’m going to chat her up and see if I can get a free one - if not, I think I’ll offer to pay. I reckon it’s worth a few quid to have one less thing to worry about.

Will let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

Hi Rosehip
Sounds like a good idea to get a flu jab. I think you are right, that we don’t automatically qualify for a free flu jab though. I had chemoradiation which finished in July and went to my GP in October regarding returning to work and she said the time had lapsed for me to qualify for a free jab. However, she was still prepared to give me the flu jab FOC but I decided not to have it in the end. I’m sure your GP will be equally accommodating, especially as you are being thoughtful of others on the ward too. Good luck with your surgery.

I was treated for 2b in 2010 and have had a free flu jab ever since. Yhis year I went to see my GP about something else, and she did it then and there…I suppose it varies according to which area you are in…?

My GP actually recommended that I had the flu jab before I started my radiotherapy /chemo and I had it at no cost except a very sore arm for a few days!

hi rosehip
i was given a free jab to i did quiery it at the time but they said i did qualify as it was a good way to keep me fit and health before my op (which made sense tbh)
hope this helps

I can’t comment on the flu jab since I didn’t even consider that before my op - you’re all very organised!!
However, I have recently applied for and been granted a medical exemption card. I have been given a 5 year card and no longer have to pay for ANY NHS prescriptions, even those not associated with the cancer.
I had no radio/chemo but applied for the card on the basis that I now have to pay for HRT and didn’t want to be out of pocket as a result of my cancer. I’m 38 so will be on HRT for a number of years before a natural menopause age.
Just thought it was worth a mention, in case anyone is interested you can get the form from your GP surgery.
Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

Hi - yes that’s on my TTD list too. I have had borderline high blood pressure for a few years and we were tryng to manage it with diet and exercise, but I’ve just started taking medication for it to make sure I’ll be ok for surgery and HRT later if I need it.

Re the flu jab, my GP said that I didn’t fit with the NHS criteria for a free one, but she agreed that it was a good idea in my circumastances and said I could have one. If you don’t qualify for a free one, I saw that they do them for £10 at Tesco pharmacy so I’m going to nag my hubby to go have one there. I need him fit and healthy and ready to wait on me hand and foot!