Flu symptoms after lletz

Hi again everyone

I had my lletz on Monday gone 21st December under general…everything went fine
I’ve had no bleeding just a light pink discharge…no bad smell or anything like that
I have a bit of cramping but had that before treatment
However last night I was attacked (so to speak) with the flu!
Constant runny blocked nose chills etc
Now I NEVER get the flu not even a cold…and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the treatment
I dunno if I have infection or anything
Has anyone else had these symptoms after lletz?
If so any advice will help

Get better soon Hun, I didn't get this side effect by my son has got a terrible cold at the moment I know the flu is in

its way about :( xx 

After my LLETZ the doctor did say to me that feeling under the weather and running a temperature could be a sign of infection so to contact my gp if that happened. Might be worth giving them a call. 

But like the other reply said, unfortunately it is flu season too!!


either way hope you feel better soon!!