Flu or worse? Bit worried or being silly?

Me again, I'm a bit worried... I got diagnose. With cc and waiting for MRI on Tuesday to see stage etc 

the day after diagnosis I had flue well headache and a very sore throate, but my mum and girlfriend have it to 

But today I keep coughing up white ans light green flem (tmi sorry) with little bits of blood

Am I being silly in thinking it's linked or have I just got flu or something 

Hi Pab

I am no doctor but it sounds like you have picked up a bug, a bit of a hazard of having to hang out in hospitals! Your immune system is probably a bit low with what they have discovered and also recovering from LLETZ.

If you are at all worried, do see a GP but it sounds very much like a seasonal bug and not related to your cc diagnosis.

Once you have your scan next week hopefully you will feel a lot more reassured.

I have just had the bug too.  I'm absolutely sure that is what you have, but if it doean't go away mention it next time your at the hospital.  Not because I think it's anything else, but because it may effect your treatment.