Flu like symptoms after LLETZ

Hello everybody,


so after much anticipation and worry I finally had my LLETZ treatment at 230 yesterday afternoon, and up until tonight ive been feeling fine. Had very minimal bleeding, a slight tummy ache (which I expected) but then tonight arghhhhh!!! Every inch of my body is aching, I feel sick, my throat hurts and im just feeling very sore (all over) and cold and shivery - also my heart is racing (which ive been experiencing recently due to anxiety!) so my question is have I just been very unlucky and caught the flu, or coukd it be the start of an infection?


thanks in advance xx

Hi Dawn90. I am the exact same. i had the Leetz done3 days ago. I have had no bleeding, but period like pains, and I feel awful....terrible headache, temperature, dizziness, shivering down my legs......I was thinking too that maybe it is an infection (this is my reason for being on this site) although the doctor told me that heavy bleeding / discharge are the signs of infection, which I am not experiencing. I dont want to be annoying the doctor by phoning. 

I see you had your LLETZ a few days before me. How are you feeling now?

Hi Both

I felt ropey for a few days after LLETZ but if you are in any doubt whatsoever, call your GP and ask for some antibiotics. It is very unlikely that they will want to examine you and will probably just give you a prescription. I don't think a dose of antibiotics ever hurt anyone, so if in any doubt I would get some. Because of where the wound is, it can be prone to infections being a bit of a damp place...

Hope you feel much better soon and get super quick good results 


Hi All. I am still feeling like crap today (4 days after LlETZ) so I phoned the doctor that did my LLETZ. She said the only symtoms of infection are heavy bleeding or discharge, and I probably just picked up something viral. I do think thats a bit of a co-incidence since I have been feeling like this more or less immediately after leaving the doctors surgery. But thats what she said anyway. It doesnt help that I didnt take any time off to 'recover' so perhaps spending the weekend in bed, I will be right as rain by Monday. 

I hope you are feeling better too Dawn 90.

17/1/15 - Smear Test - Abnormal Results

16/2/15 - CIN 3 Confirmed - Colposcopy and LLETZ. High Grade CIN 3 confirmed.


Need antibiotics.. when I spoke to first gp, mentioned only the temperature and chills and she said it was the flu.

spoke to the second gp but this time mentioned tenderness in the abdomen area which I honestly felt but thought that it was a bit of has cos I had not been eating.

the mention of the 2nd symptom seems to do the trick and I got my antibiotics. feeling a lot better if not for this wet slippery discharges that do not seem to stop. Hoping to go back to work for the first time since last Monday.


Im still not well at all (4 weeks later). As got nowhere with colposcopist nurse, i went to GP. Had never heard of a LLETZ so i had to explain what it was. Got antibiotic and told if no improvement in 3 days to go to the ER. That was 4 days ago and im no better. Im actually worse now as now too sick for work. So i guess its off to the ER tomorrow.

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm 25 and had my treatment 11days ago. I havent felt great since but on sunday I came down with this terrible cold that has now shifted to fever and chills. I have pain in my tummy and I feel so sick I can't eat. I also have a rather smelly discharge. I'm really worried I could have an infection. Any thoughts? Thanks xx