flatulence-side effects

please can someone tell me if exessive wind is a side effect of chemoradiation or the medication they give you? my mum is suffering terribly with it.... well, we all are! its no joke really. just wondering if its normal so i can put her mind at rest x. thank you in advance x

Yup! It's most likely the radiotherapy. Try to see it as funny so she doesn't get distressed by it. There is certainly no harm in letting her team know just in case there is anything they can say or do to ease her worries.

Be lucky :-)

Yep you're right Tivoli... It's the radiotherapy, she's been reading her books from the macmillan nurses and it mentions 'wind'.

Thank you for replying x

The aloe vera seems to be helping! x

You're welcome Shavorne, anything I can do to make this a little less difficult for you both


Be lucky


Unfortunately it can last after the treatment has finished too! I am suffering really badly with wind (I keep burping) and constantly feel bloated which is making eating difficult.

I am currently looking for something that can help....If anyone has any advice??

hi carmel


I bought my mum some aloe vera juice. Its flavoured with strawberry, i bought it from tesco. Since she's started drinking it the wind has really subsided now! good stuff.