I’m new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has any information on fistulas. I have just finished 6 cycles of chemo following 24 cycles of radiotherapy and have developed a fistula which is very distressing. I have an appt with a urologist coming up but wondered if there were any coping strategies.

Hi kath,

no experience with what you are going through but I wanted to let you know that there are a few ladiesnherw which have had the same problem you have , and I hope they Will Chime in. Didn’t want to ignore your call for help, 

hugs and take care

Hi Kath,

I still feel like a newbie here - diagnosed in June/July 2019.  Read here often but still shy commenting. 

Next week I have my last of 6 cycles of chemo (3 weeks apart).  I have a fistula with the bladder.  It is really distressing but you are not alone with this.  I manage it with pads as my fistula results is a small constant drip.  I imagine everyone's is different depending on where its located.  I have also lost the muscle control of my bladder due to chemo and become totally incontinent the week of chemo.  That was a shock.  Second week it becomes more manageable.  By the third week I am just regaining control when its time for another round of chemo.  I have an appointment too in a couple of weeks time about this.  I was impatient and needed to know more so I went to a physio who was trained in women's issues (lovely name).  She showed me exercises for the incontinence to practice on my good weeks.  It felt better being proactive.  My oncologist explained that they can patch the fistula but he is hoping it will fix itself once I finish the chemo.  He promised he will fix it and I trust that he will.   I do feel much better after the chemo other than this side effect.