First visit to last!

So just received a phone call from the hospital asking me to come in and see my consultant on Friday 24th march…I’m so nervous! This will be the first time I’ve seen anyone since being told they found cx from my lletz…I’ve had all the relevant scans but no results back from them so I have no idea what they are going to tell me…initially I was told I would need to go in this week for a eua but on the phone they just said it’s an outpatients appointment for a chat! So I’ve no idea whether I will have a eua after this or will they just give me the way forward that they want to go with me…so scared but I think I will also feel so relieved to know what’s happening with me.
Sorry for the rant again
Kay x

Hi Kay,

your first appointment will be to talk to you and ask you health related questions, they will do an internal examination and be prepared as they will not only look but have a good feel around and up the other hole as well :/ ....

if the dr's feel that they cannot completely see OR varify what the scans have indicated then they will schedule an EUA. 

You will be able to ask lots of questions at this appointment so make sure you write them down. It is also helpful to bring someone not only for support but to have a second set of ears as you will be overwhelmed with info and emotions. 

Good luck for Friday. 

Oh I have my period do you think they will do an examination then? I hope not! Nothing was mentioned about and examination when I asked was I coming in for a eua u just said no a chat...

kay x


they will still go ahead with an examination. Do not feel embarrassed as they deal with this stuff everyday. They are use to blood from all areas never mind just a period. It seem weird now but after treatment starts and you are well in to the process you get use to dropping your pants. 

When I first started treatment I was also bleeding and was  worried about the same thing and asked my nurse if I could still go to radiation. She told me that with the amount of different bodily fluids that they deal with a period is welcoming. Lol. 

sending positive vibes.