First Timer!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this and a few weeks ago went for my first screening (I’m 25 next week) so not great timing for my birthday but oh well!
Yesterday I received my results in the post and I had borderline changes and tests were showing positive for HPV.
First initially thought is OH MY GOD and I spent most of the evening in tears. (Even though I tell myself it might not be as bad as you think and at times I do feel silly for over reacting).

But anyway… I have seen several posts on here and you all seem to be an amazing support group for one another and give answers (where poss) so basically I am curious to know is it as bad as I think or because its borderline does that mean it is not that bad?

I keep going from “you will be fine” to “OH MY GOD” and i just would like some reassurance where poss.
Also how long were you all roughly waiting for your colposcopy appointment?

The waiting is killing me and it has only been 24 hours!!

Thank you for anyone who helps or advises x

Hi Dionne,

I am on the same boat as you 2 months ago mild changes and hpv positive. I waited 4 weeks for my colposcopy appointment.

All the best! X

Hi Dionne

And welcome to the club ;-) That really sucks, getting an abnormal result on your first smear. I made it to 44 years old and then BAM! Same results as you. I can totally identify with the OH MY GOD and getting into a complete spin over it.

Firstly, colposcopy appointments seem to be really quick. Mine was within about a week of my letter, though I delayed it by a few days as I was just finishing a contract at the time. A quick appointment is not a reason to panic btw, they havent done it because they think you have cancer, they will just fit you in as soon as they can.

The colposcopy itself is fine, kind of like a smear really, but just lasting a bit longer. The consultant who did mine was great and answered a lot of my questions, so don't be afraid to ask anything you need to know. There seems to be a bit of a debate about what a borderline smear means. Some people have been told it's the mildest possible level of changes; however my consultant said that it means that the results are abnormal but they can't tell how abnormal.

For this reason, they are likely to do a biopsy at your colposcopy. I didnt find it painful and it's done in a second. The doctor will ask you to cough as she does it and for some reason this stops you feeling anything. I asked my doctor how she thought it looked and she said "either CIN1 or CIN2" hence the biopsies.CIN1 will often sort itself out, whereas CIN2 rarely does. They want to confirm the severity as it it were CIN1 they would take a watch and wait approach but CIN2 they will treat.

You'll then have about a 4 week wait for biopsy results, and if it comes back as more severe than CIN1, they will offer you treatment, probably LLETZ, to remove the bad cells.

So you will be fine, really you will. The bad cells will be zapped and you can get back to normal. Try not to worry too much - the chances of it being anything worse are statistically small :-)

Any questions you have you can ask on  here and someone will be along to help. This site made the difference between blind panic and relative calm for me, which considering I started all of this with a medical phobia too is quite some achievement!

Best of luck, hope you get your appointment soon


thank you for your advice. 

it seems like a long wait overall a where your health is concerned it is blooming scary! 

I just hope I get my letter soon and I can get 

tina19 I hope you get good results too! My fingers are crossed for both of us x

Have you had your results yet? 

Hi Dionne, 

I had a biopsy taken aswell which they said I have to wait 4 weeks for the result. The waiting time is unbearable so, after 2 weeks of the biopsy. I rang the hospital and asked for the biopsy result and they said they were in! In my case according to the biopsy result no sign of dysplasia just the hpv virus.

So, don't worry too much :)

Forgot to add I didn't have any treatment when I went for my colposcopy appt just had a biopsy taken.