first time post

Hi to you all..I've been reading lots of posts on this site since I had my first smear test aged 44 2 weeks ago. The test has come back severe dyksaryosis and I have a coloscopy appointment direct from the hospital for tomorrow. I've had diahorrea for 8 weeks and lower right back pain but nothing else and the back pain comes and goes. I'm now in a state as all thee years of not been tested could result in CC. My question really is at coloscopy stage could they actually see if it is CC.





Hi There,

I understand how your feeling i had my first smear this year and it came back the same result as yours and i had to go for a colposcopy. To answer your question they normally have a pretty good idea if it is cancer or not when they have a look at your cervix and put the soloution on but to be 100% they will have to send a biopsy off to be tested. But as im sure your aware that is is rare that Severe dyskaryosis turns out to be cancer. I hope this helps

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have been very naive about not getting tested. I only had it as I've got other problems and the doc wants to rule everything out. So after looking on the internet and driving myself mad I actually didnt know that it was rare for severe dyskaryosis to be cancer so that has put my mind at ease somewhat. My age at first screen is a concern as these changes could have been going on for years. I've read its rare for cancer to be diagnosed from a smear test and the next step from the smear is colposcopy..but looking at some posts on here there are quite a few that have dyskatyosis results and it ended up in a cancer diagnosis after coloscopy.