First time experience of biopsy and colposcopy

Hi everyone,

I’ve never posted on a forum before but have seen how supportive everyone is so wanted to share what’s happened so far.

I also wanted to post to share my experience of the colposcopy and biopsy as I was so worried last week and didn’t know what to expect so if anyone else is in the same position hopefully this helps.

Dec 27th my smear test came back (I’m 31) saying I had high grade moderate dyskaryosis, HPV positive and would need a colposcopy. Never had an abnormal smear before this and always gone every 3 years.

I must admit it’s impossible not to think the worst case scenario and I had a horrible time waiting and wondering what they’ll find. I didn’t know what it would feel like having a colposcopy and biopsy too which worried me.

However, when I got there the nurse was so reassuring - I had my blood pressure, pulse and temperature taken (and some standard Covid questions were asked), then I was given some socks and gown to put on. I was then taken into a room where they lay me on my back, put my legs in padded stirrups and put in a speculum first.

For me, that was the only bit that caused mild discomfort, exactly like a smear test. After that, they carried out the colposcopy (felt like something was happening down there when they prepped for it but nothing painful at all) and the biopsy, which I had no idea they’d done until they said it was already finished when I asked!

No anaesthetic. Really helped me taking deep breaths to try and loosen my leg muscles as much as possible during it.

I was asked to just carry on lying back until he’d finished making sure he could stop the bleeding, and then it was done. I don’t know whether more blood was because I’m actually supposed to be on my period right now but then asked me to take my microgynon pill through the break so I wouldn’t get my period this time.

All in all, it wasn’t exactly fun but really not painful. I took some paracetamol before I left in case they did anything else and now I’m back home it’s a little uncomfortable but nothing worrying at all. I was anxious all week so I hope this helps anyone else going in for it!

Now I have the wait for the biopsy result. He said he definitely could see abnormal cells which are unlikely to be just CIN1, but only the result/report will tell all. Full disclosure I have private health care through my work so am expecting my results within 7 days, whereby we will discuss treatment options.

I don’t know how people don’t fall down a negative hole when waiting as I’m struggling with that, but just grateful to be treated and trying to stay positive. Hope you’re all keeping well x

Hi Amitacj
I hope you had your results and that the course of action is clear. I had my first colposcopy in May, when it came out as a CIN1, had a second one privately in September when it was still CIN1. My third one today will likely be a CIN2, but have to wait for the letter in three weeks. We also did a biopsy. Differently from you, I had a local anestesia, because the biopsy in May failed, as I was experiencing unbearable pain and they could not take a proper sample.
I am very scared.
In these months I thought I had done everything in my power to keep the HPV infection under control and strengthen my immine system. I don’t smoke (stopped six years ago), I do physical activity, I eat healthy food, I take multivitamins on a daily basis, I sleep eight hours per night, I stopped having sex not to catch it again as I’m healing, I did the HPV vaccine. The preliminary result today came as a SHOCK. The doctor told me not to worry, but how can I not to, if nothing works!?
I’m sorry for being so negative. I hope you’re stronger than me. Take care, Francesca