First Smear


I’m posting as I’ve recently had my first smear 2 days ago and I am worried sick waiting for results. It’s got to the point where I am googling constantly about other peoples experiences and it’s generally always worst case scenario. I have health anxiety and this wait is taking over my life. My dad passed away 4 months ago with Leukaemia and I am hypersensitive to medical and tests etc thought I would come on here for some support as it’s completely draining me. I’m 24 X 

Thank you x

Hiya, first of all sorry that you feel this way. The first time I had my smear test I was also worried about the results but it all came through perfectly fine and im sure that yours will too. It's just waiting for the letter to come that gets most ladies but if you persevere you will get it soon enough. I understand how you feel as I suffer with anxiety too and it is awful at times. Just try to concentrate on something else and before you know it your letter will come through and you will be all good :)