First smear test?

Help please.
Im loosing my mind. I had my first smear test in march, 2 weeks later i had a phone call saying i had high grade hpv (hpv16 and 18) and servere dyskaryosis, i was booked in for a colposcopy for 7 days later. At the colposcopy she said she can see cin3 and took a punch biopsy. The results come back as high grade cin3 and i was refered for a lletz. I had my llets along side a laparoscopy on the 3rd of july (3 weeks) and still have no results from this. Is it normal for it to take this long? And is it common for first smear tests to come back as cin3?

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Hi Chloe
So sorry you are going through this hope your okie as can be.

I can’t comment much on the first smear thing my last years smear was the first time I was positive hpv high risk and cgin detected. I believe the nhs changed how they performed smear in 2019 they used to only check for abnormal cells and if found then check for hpv but now they do it the other way around hpv first and if positive check for abnormal. It’s annoying they don’t test for it at a younger age.

My lletz was on 21st June results showed on my nhs app 7th July (was very brief hpv positive brisk then coded) by the 12th when I rang gp about not starting my period the nurse could see all results back and told me they were clear. I have only today 26th July had a letter through the post from my colposcopy dr explaining results were clear and that it was going to be discussed at an mdt meeting to decided what further testing if any/ future follow up would be. I think it is the mdt meeting that prolong it so much!

If you can get on you nhs app (one used over covid) you might find things on there I found letters they had sent to my gp, the only reason I know now I had cgin in my smear last year which was over looked (long story investigation taking place) try and find things to occupy yourself and keep busy. Xx

Hello lovely, sorry you are going through this. I have heard cases of first smears showing severe changes I also know someone personally who was 21 who had CIN3 and needed treatment. I personally feel smear tests should be offered at an earlier age it could help a lot more women.

My LLETZ results for CIN3 just showed CIN3 nothing more and took 4 weeks and 1 day to return.

Thank you for replying. Honestly its such a worry. Before going threw all of this youre non the wiser to what could come from a smear. Id never heard of cin untill i got my results from the smear. So much more should be done in the ways of testing and information.