First smear test in 5 Years tomorrow Terrified

In August 2011 at the age of 28 I had my first smear test - the results came back abnormal. In November 2011 I had a Colposcopy with Punch Biopsy and the results came back as CIN 1-2 with HPV. I then had LLETZ - after 6 weeks I recieved my result saying that there were still borderline changes but no further treatment (?). I went back in June 2012 for my Six-month check up. I later recieved a letter telling me that there were still mild to borderline changes, but that I could go back to normal testing and that I was not at any increased risk of developing cancer within 4 years (dating from June 2012).

I’m almost 35 now and tomorrow I have my first smear test since then and I’m really scared. I had a miscarriage in April - my first and only time being pregnant and I’m terrified there is something going on which caused me to lose my baby. I get a lot of pelvic cramps I have done for years before I even had my first smear, but I’m just so terrified.

I’m scared that they will find something terrible and I’ll never have kids and I’m terrified of Cancer.

I had my first test a week ago and I'm 32 I'm very nervous too, waiting on my results. Have you had any symptoms? Xxx

Hi x 

        No not really aside from the regular pelvic cramping, but I had that 5 years ago so I'm not sure about that x Good luck with your results hun x

Thank you, how did it go today xx

Not too badly - for some reason I was expecting to bleed but I didn't and I haven't bled since (up to now) so I don't know if thats a good sign or not. Have to wait 6 weeks for results so I'm still very stressed but atleast I have had it done x