First smear test abnormal

I had my first ever smear test last Monday and got my results back Friday saying it was abnormal I had changes to my cells on my cervix called high grade dyskaryosis!!! First of all what does this mean? I have my colposcopy next tuesday is it likely to be bad new as they got me an appointment in less than 2weeks? I don't understand any off this

It means that the smear picked up the highest grade of abnormal cells. The highest stage before it turns into cancer.


By bad news I'm guessing you mean cancer? No one can tell you that until Tuesday I'm afraid. During the colposcopy they will probably take a biopsy to see if the smear result was correct. A two week wait is standard if there is a POSSIBILITY of cancer. If you read through the colposcopy forum there are lots and lots of ladies who have ben where you are now and DID NOT HAVE cancer. 

The waiting is the worst part so it's good you dont have too long to wait even if it going to feel like a lifetime!

Hi Emma

Please don't get too stressed by the quick appointment. Certainly where I am (Surrey) that's completely standard. I had a borderline smear result,  not high grade changes like yours and they sent me a colposcopy appointment less than 2 weeks later! I freaked out too, thinking it must be something really serious if it's moving that fast, but it just seems to be the way that they do it.

Dyskariosis, or CIN as it's sometimes called, refers to cell changes. These are not cancer, but they are pre-cancerous changes which, if left untreated, could develop into cancer. This is why they will check you over at your colposcopy and probably take some biopsies to confirm exactly what they are looking at. If it is indeed severe cell changes, they will treat you to get rid of them before they can do any harm.

Hope that helps