First smear showed high risk hpv and borderline changes

Please if anyone has been through this Any words of encouragement would help so much. I am only 24 have a 2 year old son and had my first pap test on the 10 th of January, i haven't stopped crying as I have colposcopy on Tuesday and they wanted me to be straight referred to colposcopy, I'm so scared does this indicate full blown invasive cancer or is there that little ray of hope that its early stages? Has anyone had this and be ok? Or should I brave myself for a horrible journey, iv got a few simptoms like the last 3 months I bled once inbetween periods and twice only spotted after sex. I neveR knew the importance of smears and went to doctors last year for heavy periods and no one ever suggested a smear. I'm scared alone and thinking its it for me. Please anyone who can help